2. Installing the Managed Package

Filenize is available in the App Exchange. For a direct link please reach out to info@filenize.eu.


Select “Install for Admins Only”. Click on “Install” or “Upgrade” after.

After 3.0, You will be prompted to approve two CSP Trusted Site entries, both containing domains that support SharePoint Online UI icons (https://learn.microsoft.com/en-gb/microsoft-365/enterprise/urls-and-ip-address-ranges?view=o365-worldwide&redirectSourcePath=%252fen-us%252farticle%252fOffice-365-URLs-and-IP-address-ranges-8548a211-3fe7-47cb-abb1-355ea5aa88a2 ). These contain all the iconography of SharePoint Online which is needed to show the Filenize component internally in your Digital Experience.

Both used for the SharePoint file and folder iconography.


The installation can take a couple of minutes.

The version displayed in the image above might not be up-to-date. To find the latest version see our Change Log.