Change Log


Install Filenize v3.5 for Production or Sandbox

  • Fixed an issue with the ‘Type__c' field on 'Field_Column__c' that lacked the new picklist value 'Choice.'. (the value still needs to be added manually to support Choice columns, but won’t result in an error anymore. You can review the 3.4 note below on how to add the picklist value)

  • Fixed an issue wherein the Filenize invocable actions would stop due to a 'Tunnel through proxy' error, specifically identified as error 503. Similar to standard 503 errors, these are now automatically retried after a brief delay.

  • Fixed an issue where Filenize configuration would break when an unsupported Auth Provider was selected.

  • Fixed an issue with the polling mechanism which would not stop properly on location change.

  • Added a new path format that would wrap on path level instead of spaces. In addition, the last level is now bold.


Salesforce does not update picklist fields with new Managed Package updates. If you have Filenize installed below version v3.4 and if you are utilizing Choice columns in SharePoint and encountering difficulties with the "Sync with SharePoint" button on the Metadata page, consider applying the following workaround:

  1. Navigate to Setup.

  2. Go to Object Manager.

  3. Locate and select the object "Field Column."

  4. Navigate to Fields and Relationships.

  5. Find the field "Type" and select it.

  6. Add the picklist value "Choice" within the Values section.

This issue will be resolved in the upcoming update. If you do not utilize Choice columns, this will not affect you. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Screenshot 2024-02-09 at 15.47.39.png
Have more than 5000 items? Search with indexed columns first!


  • Minor UI bug fixes.

  • Minor performance/caching fixes.

  • Added support for coloring folders through a new invocable action

    • This does not currently color the folders in Filenize; it only affects Sharepoint Online. Microsoft has not yet released the updated icons in their styling framework. We will monitor this change and apply the update to Filenize once it is available.

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 17.31.04.png
Filenize can color your folders!

v3.2 (AppExchange Ready Patch)

  • The update permission for Filenize objects has been added to the Filenize User permission set.

  • Additional FLS checks applied and added more asserts to unittests (AppExchange ready!)


Due to certain packaging conflicts, the UPDATE permission for the Filenize Action, Filenize Action Run, and Filenize Action Group objects is currently not included in the Filenize User permission set. As a temporary workaround, please grant these permissions in an alternative permission set. The permissions are included in the new 3.2 release, which is coming soon. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • Added the option to disable folder and file edits in the UI.

  • Added a filter to the header showing the current running action and flow diagnose to only show actions that are triggered by the same SharePoint instance.

    • Added the Provider Instance field to the Filenize Action object.

  • Automated the deletion of old log records after 30 days.

  • Fixed an issue that shows the parent folder even though the option is disabled.

  • Fixed an issue showing an error about nodes when “No folder related to this Salesforce record was found in SharePoint.“.

  • Fixed an issue not showing all metadata values during search.

  • Fixed an issue that did not show a file icon if the file type was unknown.

  • Fixed an issue where some special characters were not being filtered.

  • Fixed spelling errors.

v3.0 Digital Experience

  •  Config Changes

    • Reordered configuration steps in a more logical way.

    • Added the functionality to directly assign the Filenize Admin permission set to the current user if no assignments have been made yet.

    • Added more filters in the user status screen.

    • Added the option to assign/remove licenses and permission sets directly in the user status screen.

    • Added the option to export the current user status list to CSV.

    • Added a direct link to the Authentication Settings for an External System in the user status screen.

    • Updated the new SharePoint Instance prompt to present clickable links to all sites, subsites, document libraries and improved the search tool.

    • Fixed an issue with the open and close indicator for certain sections.

    • Fixed an issue when an error in a selector would not indicate an error on the section itself.

    • Fixed an issue that was triggering the permission check to many times per SharePoint instance.


  • UI Changes

    • Added the possibility to hide the Filenize browser section.

    • Added the possibility to hide the Filenize search bar.

    • Added a label to the Filenize, Filenize config and Filenize Actions component.


  • Filenize Actions

    • Added a Filenize Logger object which stores crucial information needed for diagnosing certain processes, these are automatically added to Filenize Action Runs.

    • Added the Filenize Action Group, Filenize Action, and Filenize Action Runs objects to facilitate automated actions runs..

    • A group is a collection of actions and can be dependant on other groups, allowing the group to wait to start certain automations.

    • An action is a collection of runs and stores the invocable action that is used in Salesforce Flow.

    • A run is the execution of the parent action and stores information about the executions lifetime. An action can be retried which results in a new run.

    • Committing and running Filenize Actions now checks if the user has access to Filenize.

    • Changed the way Filenize Actions are presented in the Flow Diagnose prompt. In addition these visuals are also added to the configuration screen with different views.

    • Each Filenize Action now does a proper 403 check per callout to quickly find out underlying issues with permissions.

    • Filenize also tracks the Apex Job automatically to detect if any non-catching exceptions occurred in the past.


  • New Named Credentials

    • Added a Auth Provider selector and guideline steps in the configuration screen to assist with the new named credential process.

    • Added the functionality to create the necessary Named Credentials and External Credentials for each role (Standard, Service, and Portal user).

    • Added named credential guideline steps to help the user to configure the named credentials for Filenize to work.

    • Added a step that shows the login link for Filenize Admins to copy and distribute to their team.

    • Added a portal user named principle option in Filenize setup for delegating Filenize actions on the portal through a known SharePoint user.


  • Digital Experience Support


  • QOL

    • Updated all versions to 59.0.

    • Fixed an issue that was displaying a null error message on some SharePoint responses.

    • The code of Filenize received an overhaul to improve performances, traceability, reusability and modularity.

    • The error component now also shows all information from the FilenizeLogger object that was constructed in the transaction.

    • Changed the way 403 (permission) errors are diagnosed and presented.


  • Deprecated

    • FilenizeActionable

    • FilenizeController

    • FilenizeInterface

    • FilenizeProcessable

    • FilenizeQueueableChain (now we only use FilenizeQueueable)

    • SharepointAPIConsumer

    • SharepointController

    • SharepointObject 


  • Added a waiting mechanism for background running actions if SharePoint returns a 503 (Service Unavailable) or 429 (To Many Requests) error code.

  • Fixed an issue with the 400 characters folder/file limit check.

  • Fixed an issue uploading files bigger than the Salesforce limitation.


  • Added a folder check for existence before creating a subfolder, avoiding a 500 server error if a folder is not found ( ).

  • Added an option to the Lightning Component to enable/disable folder creation.

  • Added an option to the Lightning Component to enable/disable folder pinning.

  • Added an option to the Lightning Component to enable/disable file uploads.

  • Added an option to the Lightning Component to enable/disable global searching.

  • Added an option to the Lightning Component to show a screen if no matching SharePoint folder is found by the Salesforce record.

  • Added the option to show/hide a button to show the root folder as a fallback.

  • Added the option to show a custom message to the end-user.

  • Added server and client URL validation to prevent a server relative URL greater than 400 characters (SharePoint limitation).

  • Added a new invocable action to rename files and folders.

  • Added a new invocable action to copy files.

  • Added a new invocable action to move files and folders.

  • Fixed an issue where some actions were failing if the given path was not explicit.

  • Fixed an issue that caused too many ConnectAPI calls to query the new Named Credential.

  • Some changes to improve performance.

  • Some minor bug fixes.


  • Removed the need for a callout to get domain information for every UI to server interaction

    • Fixes the “Connect API’s hourly request limit“ that is relevant now with the support of External Credentials

    • Improves UI loading performance

  • Fixed an issue with the flow diagnose UI polling and the queueable server polling that would cause DML conflicts and the server to wait endlessly. This issue started after 2.8.


  • Error handling now collects more data and tries to present the correct information and solution. In addition, on permission errors, a separate diagnosis is started to find the root cause of the lacking permission.

  • Filenize now supports External Credentials and shows a deprecated warning when using legacy Named Credentials. External Credentials comes with extra end-user functionality:

    • The authentication is directly started when using the Log In button. No more going through personal settings

    • After authentication, the user is redirected back to the configuration/record page instead of the Salesforce home page

    • Named Principle access is supported for the normal authentication (was only Per User Principle before). Allowing you to use Filenize with one specific SharePoint user. Do note that user-specific functions (sharing/unsharing) will always use the SharePoint user that did the authentication, not the running user.

  • IMPORTANT: Changed the behavior of the Filenize User permission set. The Filenize User permission set needs to be set to all users, including admins. The Filenize admin permission set is an addition. Recommended is to also use the Filenize User permission set for your External Credential mapping

  • Filenize will now sync the user when using the Lightning Component. Before this was only done so in the configuration page. The method call is asynchronous and does not impact loading.

  • User Status now shows filters for status Synced and Not Connected

  • User Status now shows the user avatars instead of a fixed icon

  • User Status now shows the User Principle identifier instead of the Id. As the Id can differ between sites, the User Principle stays static. In addition, the User Principle is useful for detecting if the authentication was done by the same person.

  • Flow Diagnose now shows transactions descending

  • Flow Diagnose now shows the completed date instead of the last modified date

  • Flow Diagnose errors are now only shown if not seen before

  • Invocable flows now conform to a new interface called FilenizeProcessable which supports the use of process record manipulation and additional logging. All Filenize invocables implemented this interface. FilenizeActionable is deprecated

    • Additional logging is stored on the Process records within the Log field

    • The Share and Unshare invocable now populated the target user if found, if not then this is stated in the logging field. The field can be used for reporting/notification purposes, which are out of scope of the Managed Package itself

  • The ordering of components within the Configuration screen has changed. The three new sections are “Authentication”, “Service User Authentication” (optional), and “Configuration”

  • Manage Access now also shows the access applied by inheritance, before only access rules were shown when inheritance was off

  • Invocable actions from the Filenize package now comes with custom icons!

  • Fixed an issue with showing mulltiple loading overlays

  • Fixed an issue with showing Metadata fields when creating/editing folders that were configured as hidden

  • Fixed an issue with giving your own user folder permission if that user had permission due to inheritance

  • Fixed an issue with finding users that are in AD but not added yet to the configurated site


  • Header visuals changed and now support multiple screen sizes and lightning page regions

  • Fixed an issue with the metadata flow action where the value field was required. Effectively causing errors on computed null values.

  • Fixed a visual issue on row icons being compressed with multiple metadata columns


  • Fixed an issue where the new reset functionality for the Create Folder actions would show an error for some permissions



  • Added the Flow Diagnose UI to review any Filenize flow errors in the Lightning Component. In addition, it's now possible to retry any step that took place in the flow. By default, the error indication is only visible for Filenize admins

  • Added a small visual indicator that shows if the user is a Filenize admin

  • Added invocable action to unshare a folder using a Salesforce user-id

  • Added invocable action to reset a folder inheritance

  • Added an optional checkbox on the "create folder (and pin)" invocable action to also reset the inheritance

  • Added Queueable Groups which allows certain automation to wait for other automation that share a common identifier. Allowing independent flow actions to run in serial mode

  • Added invocable action to commit all actions under a Queueable Group

  • Changed create folder, edit node, and upload file prompt to hide the metadata view if no metadata is configurable

  • Removed an additional call when loading folders for pagination, now retrieved in the initial call

  • Fixed an issue where removing the delete functionality from the Lightning Component was not respected with files and folders selected

  • Fixed an issue where the Filenize component was not refreshed properly on record updates

  • Fixed an issue where some authentication errors were not presented correctly

  • Fixed an issue where the sharing invocable actions were not correctly checking the running user sharing permission. In addition, an optional checkbox is added to the sharing actions to skip the process if the user has no permission

  • Fixed an issue where the parent folder would show on the root folder for some permissions



  • Added functionality to load more files and folders if not visible. By default 25 files and/or folders are shown

  • Added the functionality to share the current folder

  • Added the option to disable sharing on the Lightning Component

  • Added leading zero's to the references in the Filenize Flow action logs

  • Fixed an issue where some batches would exceed the DML or SOQL limitation

  • Notice: API method getFolderByRelativeUrl(..) no longer returns subfolders and files. Please use getNodesByRelativeUrl(..) for that functionality


  • Fixed an issue where some folders would still trigger the heap size error


  • Fixed an issue where invocable sharing actions would not save the error message properly

  • Fixed an issue where the client-side delete permission was not working properly in the file/folder submenu

  • Fixed a heap size error when a folder contains more than hundreds of subfolders

  • Added an additional user check confirmation based on the service user, if applicable


  • Fixed an issue where multiline text information was not shown properly in the columns

  • Fixed an issue with currency empty values

v2.0 Metadata Update

  • Fixes

    • Fixed an issue where some users were not able to access folders with Read permission

    • Fixed an issue where an error on pinning folders was not presented correctly

    • Fixed an issue where the Filenize step-by-step configuration was showing as incomplete when completed

    • Fixed an issue where a flow error would still execute consecutive SharePoint actions

    • Fixed an issue where empty optional flow parameters would cause issues in some scenarios

    • Fixed an issue where the component would go back to its root after ending a search

    • Fixed some styling issues

  • Changes

    • Added the functionality to show and order metadata in the Filenize UI

    • Added the functionality to search within folder and file metadata

    • Added the functionality to manage which metadata is editable

    • Added the functionality to change folder metadata upon folder creation

    • Added the functionality to edit folder and file metadata

    • Added the functionality to change file metadata after uploading

    • Added the functionality to create Metadata Mappings, which populate folder or file metadata based on the Salesforce record

    • Added the functionality to search folders and files locally or globally, local as the new default

    • Changed the auto-deletion of logs from 1 day to 1 month old

    • Added a total summary under Filenize setup User Status UI

    • Added user search functionality under Filenize setup User Status UI

    • Added additional access information under each SharePoint instance. The information shows access to the Site/Subsite and Document Library for the current user

    • Added a possibility to search for a site and subsite when creating a SharePoint instance

    • Added permission check when creating the SalesforceId column when using the diagnose tool

    • Added a FileUpload apex helper that generates the FileUpload chunks needed for the upload API for you. supports [Attachments, Content Versions, Content Documents]

    • Added the upload file invocable action. supports [Attachments, Content Versions, Content Documents]

    • Added an option with the sharing flow action to continue consecutive actions if no Salesforce user has been found that is linked to SharePoint


  • Client-side bug fixes


  • Manage access user interface improved for handling many groups, users and non-users

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the removal of a permission role

  • Added additional diagnose capabilities for debugging API/Flow misconfigurations


  • New Configuration layout

  • Added a User Status page that gives an overview of all licensed users and their connection status

  • Fixed an issue that caused Domain Groups to not show properly in the UI