Key Features

Low Code Solution

Filenize empowers you with a low-code solution, leveraging the power of Salesforce Flows to create a dynamic hierarchy. With easy-to-use flow elements, you can design and implement complex folder structures and automate file management processes without the need for extensive coding.

Pinning Folders

Say goodbye to endless searching for the right folder! Filenize's pinning feature automatically loads the correct folder for the specific Salesforce record you're working on. Save valuable time and effort by instantly accessing your customer folder without navigating through SharePoint.

Metadata Support

Manage file and folder names, along with other custom attributes available in your SharePoint, with Filenize's robust metadata support. This ensures seamless integration and synchronization between your Salesforce and SharePoint data.

Service User

Delegate API and/or UI actions through a service user for that extra push. With Filenize's service user functionality, you can efficiently manage access and permissions, allowing certain actions to be performed on behalf of another user.

Easy Share

Collaborate effortlessly with Salesforce users by sharing folders directly within the platform. Filenize simplifies the process, eliminating the need to deal with complex SharePoint ids, making file sharing a breeze.

Error Handling

Unsure about what went wrong during an action? Filenize's Flow Diagnose feature lets you examine the full process step-by-step, providing valuable insights into potential errors and helping you troubleshoot and optimize your workflows.

Lightning Design

Experience the seamless integration of Filenize's powerful SharePoint capabilities with the familiar look and feel of Salesforce. Filenize provides a simple file-related list within Salesforce, ensuring a smooth user experience with a robust SharePoint integration.

Simple Setup

From Document Libraries to Sites, Subsites, and Root folders, Filenize handles it all with ease. Setting up and managing your SharePoint integration is made simple, allowing you to focus on enhancing productivity.

File Versioning

Keep track of document changes effortlessly with Filenize's file versioning feature. You can view and download previous versions of a document, ensuring accurate version control and smooth collaboration.

No Storage Needed

Forget about storing files in Salesforce; Filenize retrieves data from SharePoint in real-time. This approach minimizes data storage requirements within Salesforce while maintaining seamless access to all your SharePoint resources.


With these powerful key features, Filenize enhances your Salesforce and SharePoint integration, providing a comprehensive solution for efficient file management and collaboration. Enjoy the convenience of low-code flows, intelligent folder pinning, and robust error handling while maintaining the familiar Salesforce experience. Simplify your setup and utilize metadata support, file versioning, and service user capabilities to optimize your workflows without the need for additional storage. Filenize empowers you to seamlessly connect Salesforce and SharePoint, transforming your business processes and streamlining your document management experience.